Our Story


Assemblages is above all a story of friendship, aged like a fine wine.

Timothy, Alexandre and Adriano have known each other since childhood and have always been able to complement each other’s ambitions by combining skills and passion.

After five years of working in the Parisian restaurant business, Timothy is eager to lead Alexandre and Adriano in the entrepreneurial adventure of their dreams!

All convinced of the benefits of natural wine, they set out to popularize it.


At Assemblages, the passion is shared with committed and experienced winemakers. They have chosen to return to the original methods and produce a wine in smaller quantities, but still tasty and bottled on site with care and love.

These passionate winemakers enthusiastically produce subtle wines, partner of a better local consumption in the short circuit.

To go for natural wine is to choose the work of passionate winemakers!


Wine bounds people together! Wine tastings quickly become a game. Therefore, even the amateur and those who believe they know nothing about wine can start getting interested.

Wine means delight, passion and better communication. It often leaves a lasting impression. Our ambition is to spread the knowledge and the quality work of the winemakers we support.

Sharing wines is the guarantee of an enjoyable and convivial moment.