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Wine sourcing


From passion arise the greatest vocations. At Assemblages, we love wine, but especially those called “natural wines”. Without sulphites or any other additive or preservative, this wine results of grapes that are organically grown and hand-harvested before being vinified and bottled without any input.

Our cellar is full of the finest cuvées coming from the winemakers we cherish. Whether you are looking for a reference or eager to discover some of our bottles, we will be able to adjust to your tastes and desires. We ship from 12 bottles and provide our listings on request.

Setting up a wine cellar

Motivated by his passion, Timothy became an expert in the field of natural wine after traveling all over France to discover the secrets of this production. Today, he wants to share his knowledge with those who wish to build their own natural wine cellar. Individuals and professionals alike use his services. Timothy selects from hundreds of mastered references, the wines that will perfectly match the ambitions of each wine cellar in the making.

We offer our service and meticulous selection from a budget of 2000 euros and a volume of 96 bottles.

At Assemblages, we help you create your own custom natural wine cellar with a choice of exceptional wines that have been aged in our cellar.

We provide tasting notes, inventory management and restocking, and direct contact with the winemakers for both individuals and professionals.

Assemblages Consultancy
Wine Tasting


While tastings often have a reputation for being posh and out of reach for the uninitiated, at Assemblages we pride ourselves on providing a relaxed atmosphere.

Our enthusiasm is infectious! Natural wine is surprising, but once you are hooked, it’s hard to go back.

Do you have in mind an event combining wines, catering and tasting?

We assist you with pleasure and passion in the creation of original wine tasting events, which will reflect your personality and will be remembered by your guests, initiated or not.

Unusual, intimate, large scale or yet imaginary: we do not lack of ideas to help you launch your event.

Wine Tasting