The Environment

At Assemblages, we deeply believe in creating a virtuous circle and contribute to changing habits for a more responsible way of consumption. The winemakers we have chosen are already committed to a sustainable ecological approach, promoting the circular economy. They respect the environment on a daily basis.

The production of natural wine is an organic process without inputs, without chemicals and uses a reasoned consumption of water reducing up to twice the emissions compared to traditional wines.

We try every day to reduce the ecological impact of our activity by favoring short circuits and local producers in order to minimize, on our scale, our greenhouse gas emissions. However, transporting our wine requires shipping and packaging, which account for nearly a third of the emissions in the entire value chain of our wines. This is why we are working on raising awareness of our impacts, optimizing our logistics flows and moving towards a zero-waste model.

We share our carbon consumption (scope 1 and 2) linked to our distribution through our invoices, using the universal EcoTransit tool for “Well-to-wheeles emissions.

We are eager to talk about ways to continue reducing our impact. 

At Assemblages we believe in local and sustainable consumption :